National Youth Civics Summit

The Military Order of the World Wars, in partnership with the MOWW Foundation, is conducting its first annual National Youth Civics Summit (NYCS) from July 7th - 13th on the campus of American University in Washington, DC.

The NYCS is an apolitical and non-partisan event that aims to enhance the civic education of high school students from across the country by providing them with firsthand experiences in and around the Washington, DC area, including Capitol Hill, the US State Department, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, and more.
This immersive week-long program offers students a unique opportunity to interact with politicians and observe high-ranking appointed officials in action around Capitol Hill, including visits to institutions such as the Supreme Court, the Defense Department, and various other U.S. government agencies.
Throughout the summit, students will also embark on guided tours of significant monuments, participate in simulated classes, and engage in various leadership-building activities, empowering them to become informed and engaged leaders with a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Support Our Future Leaders with a Donation

Donations are needed to help fund student travel, lodging, and learning opportunities. Donations are being collected through the MOWW Foundation.

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NYCS Committee Chairman, Capt. Edward Gantt, USN (ret)

NYCS Point of Contact
Jenna Tomas
MOWW Outreach Program Manager
(703) 683-4911 ext. 3

NYCS Chair
CAPT Edward Gantt, USN (ret)
MOWW Vice Commander-in-Chief

MOWW’s History of Youth Leadership

The NYCS continues the legacy of the MOWW’s Youth Outreach Programs that have enhanced our American Leadership, Patriotism, and the Free Enterprise System strengths in America’s Schools for decades. It aims to reinforce the importance of civics in both education and life, providing our future leaders with a deeper understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a civil society.