ROTC/JROTC Program Award

Form 39 - ROTC/JROTC Program Award Submission Form

• For all questions, please email the ROTC Awards Committee.
• Refer to the MOWW Policy Manual for a more complete description of each item.
• The entire upper section must be filled in entirely.

Chair, Chapter ROTC Committee(Required)
Chapter Commander(Required)
Region Commander(Required)

Section 1: ROTC/JROTC Cadet Awards

A. MOWW ROTC/JROTC Award of Merit Medal, Ribbon & Citation (CONUS/OCONUS)
B. MOWW ROTC/JROTC Award of Merit Ribbon & Citation only (CONUS/OCONUS)
C. MOWW ROTC/JROTC Award of Merit Ribbon Only (CONUS/OCONUS)
D. MOWW/Chapter Certificates of Appreciation, etc.
E. ROTC/JROTC Award Ceremonies
(Number of units, all ceremonies)
E.G. One ceremony with 3 units and one with 5 units = 8
(Number of ceremonies)
Total multiple of 50 miles traveled “to”, by Companions
• 0-49 miles = 0
• 50-100 miles = 1
• Greater than 100 miles = 2
F. Saber/Sword
G. Cash Awards
(will be calculated at 15% of total)
15 %
H. Plaques, Cups & Medals
I. Badges, Patches & Ribbons
J. Miscellaneous Awards (25-200 pts)

To submit details of miscellaneous awards, please upload your document below.

Section 2: ROTC/JROTC Unit Awards

Special Projects
Massing of the Colors, Drill/Color Guard, Field Day - Total Number of Participating Units
Tests, essays or speech topics related to MOWW Preamble - Total Number of participating Cadets

Other Activities or Projects (25 - 200 points)

To submit details of other activites or projects, please upload your document below.

Section 3: Chapter ROTC/JROTC Programs

4. ROTC/JROTC Units Assisted

Chapter helped to establish a ROTC/JROTC unit
Chapter helped to rebuild a ROTC/JROTC unit

5. News Articles Published

To submit details of other publications, please upload your document below.
ROTC article published with greater than 250 words
ROTC article published with 50-250 words
ROTC picture published with a caption or a 3-line caption

Accepted file types: pdf, xls, doc, docx, Max. file size: 8 MB.
Please upload (1) document with all details of additional activities, events or publications.


ROTC/JROTC Cadet Awards

ROTC/JROTC Unit Awards

Chapter ROTC/JROTC Programs

ROTC/JROTC Units Assisted

News Articles Published

Total amount submitted to Committee for Review

Please note: This is not the final score!

The Chapter Grand Total Score will be computed by the MOWW ROTC Committee using the section C. Annual ROTC Award Scoring Method in the MOWW Policy Manual Appendix K. | ROTC /JROTC Program Report & Awards. The Chapter Sub-Total Score (that includes Points Earned from the Attached Document) will be combined with the weighted Chapter Living Members as determined by the May edition of the MOWW Member Roster for the Awards Year.

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