JROTC Medal Set (full-size medal & ribbon bar)


JROTC Medal Set (full-size medal & ribbon bar)

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JROTC Medal Set (full-size medal & ribbon bar). NOTE: The high school JROTC Medal of Merit ribbon was updated so it didn’t inappropriately duplicate the ribbon pattern used from the Order’s inception in 1919 for its historic MOWW Membership Medal and its MOWW Neck Insignia of Office. The JROTC organizations of the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Marines, and MOWW’s ROTC Committee, were informed. (The university-level ROTC Medal of Merit ribbon patterns required no change as they didn’t inappropriately use the MOWW Membership Medal ribbon pattern, i.e., they use three unique ribbon designs, each unique to the bronze, silver, and gold versions of those ROTC Medal of Merit, respectively.)

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